About this App
'GazeGame' is an iPhone/iPad App for children around 1-3 years old and parents to play together.
This game was designed based on psychological studies investigating infants' ability to understand others' gaze direction.

How to play
When a game session starts, a boy closing his eyes is displayed at the center of the screen. It is a good idea to name him before starting this game.


Let your child tap the boy's forehead. Then, the boy opens his eyes, and looks at one of four surrounding objects.

Ask your child about the direction toward which the boy is looking. You may do so in several manners; "What does he look at?", "What does he like?", "What does he want to eat?", and so on.


Let your child tap the object the boy is looking at. Did your child correctly understand the boy's gaze direction?

Tap a triangle icon to proceed to the next trial. One session consists of 16 trials.

Online psychological study
At which age do infants perform the task in this App accurately? To know that, it is necessary to collect data from a number of children, and you have the data, i.e., the number of correct choices made by your child.
How about sharing your DATA among users of GazeGame App?
In this support site, you can submit your child's data for each type of session.
Click below to visit the data submission page.
Up, down, left, and right

Distinguishing among oblique gaze directions

Understanding of arrow directions

About 9+ rating of this App
The rating for version 1.0.0 of GazeGame at iTunes store is 9+ due to the use of the images shown below.
Please use GazeGame after reviewing the images.
These images will be removed from version 1.1.0, which will be released soon.

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